CUSSW Alumni Launches Pathways Toward Peace

Columbia University School of Social Work graduate Tiffany Walker (SEA class of 2012) launched Pathways Toward Peace (P2P, a NJ based non-profit organization whose mission is to provide capacity building and awareness to faith-based and other community organizations about mental and emotional health and wellness. The organization has the following objectives:

1.    Connect leaders of the faith-based community to training’s and seminars about mental and emotional health and wellness

2.    Assist faith-based organizations in the facilitation of conversations about mental and emotional health and wellness

3.    Link individuals and organizations with well researched resources about mental and emotional health and wellness

Most recently, Pathways Toward Peace launched its Training Institute. The Training Institute is a series of workshops that equips leaders of faith-based communities with the knowledge and skill set to identify mental health or emotional crises, in order to appropriately refer their congregants for help and support. Through its Training Institute initiative, Pathways Toward Peace will partner with local and nationally recognized mental health advocates and service agencies to facilitate evidence-based practice training’s for faith-based leaders and organizations in the greater Newark area.

The most recent training took place at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Orange, NJ where over 20 community and faith-based leaders participated in a Mental Health First Aid training hosted by P2P. To date, Pathways Toward Peace has received support from the Investors Foundation, WellCare Health Plans of NJ, and several faith based organizations.

Pathways Toward Peace will continue to grow and increase it’s ability to provide even more opportunities for communities to learn and become empowered and equipped to better face mental health challenges. The next Pathways Toward Peace training is scheduled for October 2017. For more information about how to support the organization or to schedule training please contact