A doctor finds healing on the water

Dr. Lori Wirth received her medical degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and attended undergraduate at Brown University.  Dr. Wirth is head of Head and Neck Oncology of Mass General Hospital, founding Board member of Sailing Heals, Inc. and the 2013 MGH “One Hundred” award winner.

Dr. Wirth is a leading authority regarding head and neck oncology and has a special expertise in modality therapy for cancers of the head and neck and is an expert in treatments for advanced thyroid cancers. She sits on national and international committees that guide cancer treatment and research.

Back in 2011, Lori was a founding Board Member of Sailing Heals, an organization that partners with host captains (sail boat and motor boat owners) to take cancer patients out on the water for a day of healing.  She has been one of the most active Sailing Heals Board Member and served as Board Member and Vice President of the Board.  Lori just recently has taken the role President of the Board.  Dr. Wirth is so committed to her practice and to Sailing Heals, that she even had fun attractive signs made up in the Radiology waiting rooms of MGH to promote Sailing Heals’ complimentary healing sails not only to her own patients but to others whom she may not have a personal/professional relationship with.  She frequently mentions the sails to her patients/caregivers and often signs them up on her laptop for a sail.
Along with her very busy professional schedule, Dr. Wirth finds time every day to create an opportunity for Sailing Heals and promote a sail experience to her patients and others.  Not only is she a dedicated physician and avid Sailing Heals Board Member but she is also a dedicated mom.  She finds time for her patients, time for them to escape to the sea thru Sailing Heals and time to spend with her family.  She is one amazing woman and no doubt that Columbia University played a big role in shaping this young woman’s incredible journey in life and giving her the education, tools and the heart to do what she does.  She is a giver with a very big heart.