Effervescent energy

Ashley White-Stern, P&S Class of 2018

I love procedures, I love working with my hands, I’ve always loved working with my hands. I love the idea of laying hands on the patient, and healing them through touch. So, whether I’m in the operating room, operating on the patient or there, as a role to support these surgeons, as an anesthesiologist, I’ll definitely be in the operating room

I remember when I was applying here, and our Dean of Admissions, Dean Nicholas, told us that he often walked through the halls of the buildings, and was struck by a kind of effervescent energy that medical students seem to transmit. And I wasn’t sure if he was just trying to say a PR line, or he was embellishing what really exists, but I have to say, as a medical student, I feel that every day, I feel after my peers and my colleagues, I’m so honored and I’m really lucky to be a student here. My peers have trained for the Olympics in bobsleighing, they’ve sung at the Carnegie Hall, they’ve worked internationally on massive human rights campaigns, and I learn from them every day.

So, it’s a really exciting place with diversity that goes beyond race, gender, socio-economic status. I think it’s really a place where all kinds of people can come and learn to be excellent physicians and physician leaders.