Enriched By The Diversity At Columbia

I had a chance to go to Japan while at Columbia. Back in college, I did Judo and took Japanese, but I also have a soya allergy so I never knew if I could actually go to Japan myself.

SIPA is about 50 percent international and the Japanese students organized a trip for everyone. I went along and they took care of me. I got to try soya-less soya sauce, I’m not quite sure what that’s made of but it exists and I was able to have it with sushi.

They showed us their whole country. We did cultural things, we met the Governor of Tokyo, we got to wear a kimono and climb to a shrine. And it was just this amazing incredible journey. And that was all because I came to Columbia and met these amazing people. I think that’s the best part of my experience here. It’s not necessarily the cool events or the conventions that you get taken to, it’s the people I’ve met from so many different countries.