My Sustainability Solution: Metaphysical Intelligent Village


First, I have to admit that I am an Indian by origin before coming to Columbia University, but now I really have an identity crisis. The Europeans went looking for us when they found America and now American media came to India and branded us all rapists, even though there was no statistical evidence to support this. US is ranked at No 14 and India at No 94 on the number of rapes per 100000 citizens. I just wonder if this event be considered an end of civilizational moral values of the west in the present globalized world. This is why I have come up with the eastern version of an Intelligent Village:Intelligent Village Pilot, which incorporates metaphysics as an answer to Western hypocrisy in the field which has led to probably the biggest artificial droughts in modern times. The initial research was published in the AGU conference in San-Fransisco as DSM Using Agriculture. Recently, David Letterman came to India and beautifully showcased something similar to the research finding in a beautiful documentary: Years of Living Dangerously

As everyone today is trying to act cool, the economic theories also look like that…aka Gujarat model etc. I remember when more than hundred people had died around me in Gujarat because of Dengue, only to be disclosed by WHO when the government hid the reports. At that time, I wondered if I worry about saving myself from dengue epidemic or new era of colonization epidemic spread by USAID. Today, economists say, “Life is full of suffering, it is we economist who decides who suffers the most.” They also say Swacch Bharat Mission is to change our behavior, why? – To be subservient to the west. WOW, what then the point of having a democracy and international trade laws…This is why my solution is about reseeding the democracy, not by the democratization of processes by bringing modernity, but increasing the consciousness level of individuals and empowering institutions while following the middle path. But first I need to define the problem itself,

Branded A Rapist As Part of Capitalistic Designs To Get Access To Indian Markets while Creating The Biggest Artificial Droughts in modern times by following classic divide and rule techniques. 

My Design is A Response To Such psychology & models which incorporates the different approaches of reductionist and short sighted nature of greedy people. As a solution, I first need to explain the causality for this present biggest man made crisis to present a possible solution. Sustainability solution should be all encompassing and so the article is little longer delving into human psychology, international relations, science, arts and women (the feminine trait of empathy). So first about being called rapists, apart from foreign media outbursts, what else would explain making all Indian men to undertake tests on the following topic before giving them funding just after the Delhi Gang Rape, 

“Integrate equitable participation and empowerment of women and girls by addressing constraints and providing opportunities.” 

Quoting Sigmund Freud in the globalized context, ‘What Do These Empowered Women Really Want With Climate Change?’ Most of the people reading this article will understand that this is a trap, because if I write something which would offend them, they will not give funding and if I don’t write something which they want to hear, I am still stuck. There is also a legal question on whether it is constitutional to ask any random man to empower women just because one untoward incident happened. It seemed I failed in explaining and as young people can rape and older man can’t, all my work was given to an old guy. He used to say only one thing almost every day, while free riding to please the people in USAID, ‘Women suffer from so many gynecological problems and women faces all this and all that.’ And Somehow the women leaders liked this father figure type guy who is responsible for the biggest ecological crisis while creating illegal syndicates. Forget about credits, narcissism,hypochondriac behavior, this was an insult to the creator or the god itself, leave aside insult of women. I have taken many girls on Himalayan expeditions and no way will I treat them as second class, godforsaken citizens. 

I wonder if I was targeted by USAID women leaders just because I went to Columbia and because of some constraints they could not. It was like they had recruited 7-8 people to help in my proposed work but somehow they will not fund me or let me lead as they already had the leaders. It’s like flying a plane after throwing away the pilot and it so happened that their plane crashed in a very densely populated area. Finally IDRC came to my rescue. I think these situations would probably continue to rise as we start replacing human intelligence with artificial intelligence and narcissism is appreciated.  But the most important question remains, 

How on earth did I become a criminal on my flight back home….

Just to prove that I am not a savage, before I could be given funding for my projects, I was asked to do the following project as a test on returning to India by USAID, “Understand the Impact of Climate Change on women of Gujarat.” This itself was a PhD level project, which I had planned for 6 months (without pay) to build a sociological assessment, questionnaire to run a pilot to understand what is really the impact with a top university in the state and the following agreement was reached: Agreement For Understanding Impact on Women.  USAID laughed at me and did not give me funding. At this point, I understood that they can’t relate to the actual problems of the poor and only wanted to showcase my incompetence to steal my work. In the past, I had seen the micro-finance crisis building up because of the same attitude and greed. 

I wonder if this was an act of profiling me by USAID, as some say, types and traits can be categorized, and may be in my case unmarried and athletic gave me away.  It’s like I was a guinea pig for USAID to conduct all kinds of experiments, like the concentration camp tradition of a Germanic Education System. These tests included explaining apart from ‘women empowerment’  solutions for schemes like ‘save the family’ , ‘get women into agriculture’ and I still have no clue. But even after getting rejected twice by  USAID, I politely requested them that even if they don’t want to give me funding, please remove the clause, as it was being misused by the rich and the capitalists. But instead they responded by recruiting a guy who wrote essays about how women are suffering, to enlighten me to follow these disgusting methods…. I wonder if today speculation and gossips are more important than scientific experimentation or reasoning that I had proposed.

If they had followed ethics, I could have prevented the present artificial droughts, but they of course wanted to remove the honest ones. I also can’t understand when about 100000 people die (many girls and women) due to cloud bursts or glacial bursts in the Himalayas (we still don’t know the reasons), no one says anything. Not even a memorial, but one rape caught everyone’s imagination which happened almost at the same time. It shows the selective amnesia our society suffers from and we tried to organize Himalayan Walkathon to create awareness, but no one supported us. Mountains make you aware that you are nothing in front of mother nature and this is the biggest humbling experience one could ever witness. I am attaching the images of the Walkathon and the petitions we submitted to Government of India. I wonder if the society and the world does not even acknowledge the victims of climate change, how will they ever want to find a solution. I had also come to the conclusion that the leaders in USAID were somehow compulsively obsessed with rape, as they finally fired all men while shutting themselves from all reality. This I base on the behavior of constantly ignoring guy’s efforts, never visiting field or having empathy for field staff and above all lying about my work. I won’t completely blame them as I understand that these are the psychological impacts of unnecessary urbanization which had given rise to greed. Extrapolating my argument to economic implications, the following article describes how bullying by US women empowerment movement just like a Pentagon Funded Psychological warfare and the Chinese flooding of the Indian market with FDI’s just as economic terrorism, broke the back of young Indian men who were trying to do something innovative. All so that Indian markets open up to foreign goods and bullying: How Indian Economy Was Destroyed . This article I had written just before demonitization stuck for the Indian Express and of-course it was not published. Recently, China warned India to involve Dalai Lama in a conference within India. The Dalai Lama is a state guest and I wonder if China has started behaving like another big daddy. 


My Defense Against The Dark Arts: Explaining Women Empowerment Which Would Mean Preserving The Nature Itself because Women is The Nature – Don’t Comoditize Them 

One must understand a woman is the nature and they are in trouble because of these practices. I personally feel that religion is the biggest constraint for women, but I see the empowered women are fighting to access the religious places and preaching their own religious beliefs. I don’t understand, if all religious books talk about not talking to the opposite sex outside the legal bond of marriage, how on earth will society find a workaround. I learnt it the hard way when I had recruited a girl from Jainism religion for my project from a good engineering college, as I did not think of her religion or sex above her abilities. I believed karmic practices are only built on the abilities of a person and not on his/her religion. But later I realized that she was made the team lead of my work, only to be socialized by Brahminical and Islamic values of the empowered women elders of USAID, to teach not to talk to guys alone. I tried hard to protect this girl to be exposed to such politics, but she also had to resign. Even if one closely observes the entire women empowerment movement, it is more like a very vocal form of a clash of civilizations led by Western institutional ideas. The arguments are always like – ‘we are cool’, ‘we are developed’ and you should strive to become like us. This method strives for standardization which leaves no scope for appreciating the diversity.  I remember reading something about the World War II, when Israel refused to publish anything about the atrocities of the ghettos of concentration camps, but the pornographic material’s about the camps were famous. I wonder if this is the same story of the gender studies classes in the western universities where they might be glorifying or imagining stories of rapes in a place like India where most of their work is outsourced. It is clear, they will never say anything good about India and continue involve in undue stereotyping. I believe that the current trade exchange of US exporting women to bully Indian men and India exporting yogis to make US men impotent will backfire. I wonder if this miss-communication would eventually lead to World War III. 

No wonder USAID panics when I recruit a girl and conspires to fire me in two months from IDRC project which was given to me. They further went ahead and gave some parts of my projects to German and British agencies, as if they were trying to build another arm of NATO to fight China on Indian turf in the name of development while using my products (which were developed under Canadian funding). Seeing all this, I would request USAID to please come out of the fortification’s to see that the world is not so dangerous as they wish to see in order to plan their shock theories. Also, please stop acting like agents for big US corporates and incorporate local knowledge in your narrative. Even companies like Pepsico and Thomson Reuters are involved in lobbying for narratives on climate change without worrying about building expertise, just focusing complete effort to capture territory. 

Having said this, second time when I applied, I knew what USAID wanted to hear, but I did not want to victimize women of India to get funding by satisfying American whims, as I had to maintain the honor of those Indian women who work irrespective of constraints. So when asked again after I applied with a new team, I explained the USAID about the 

‘Tibetan Book of the Living And the Dying on how kiss of dragon happens and why we consider women as Shakthi and pray to them. Then I also explained another book called ‘kokha shahstra’ to explain the physio-psychological nature of such anger among empowered women against men. Then I also explained them some aspects of Kamasutra (this book is not only about sex) where I shared with them the diversity in the nature of women all over India. Through this, I was trying to explain to USAID that women of India are not a homogenous entity to be classified under the same constraints and no way western society are custodians of women empowerment in the world. In addition, I explained them our philosophy, which states “WOMEN ARE WITH MIND” and since west (like Marx still confuses the brain with the mind – I wonder how will they ever understand what women actually want – let alone talk about empowerment. Then I also explained them that under eastern philosophies, institutions are masculine and the nature is feminine – but this is strictly under non-linear understandings which states that no human being is a perfect man or a perfect woman: HATHA YOGA ARDHNARESHWARA CONCEPT. This is why we already had women prime-ministers, presidents, freedom fighters and that did not require any false propaganda. It is now quite obvious that these social and political experiments have left both institutions (like Reserve Bank of India, USAID, IMF are topic of jokes) and the nature itself is in complete doldrums. The IMF head recently said, if all the women of India came to work, the GDP will grow by 27%. I just wonder if this is how IMF calculates GDP: GDP Growth = Present GDP * (Total women population)/(Women in Jobs). No wonder we keep changing the GDP calculations in India and people keep dying in natural calamities.

Finally, I explained them techniques for a man to invoke the women (TARA) inside him to achieve superhuman level of experience to make the world a better place, just like the Samurai and Bushido Traditions. I also suggested them the following: in order to build karmic practices in the field of sustainability, we should also create a new goddess form that encompasses all the skills and compassions required for this field, something like Black Tara. I think this goddess should be blue in color, representing ocean circulations and should be holding super computers, scuba-gear, mountaineering equipment etc in her hand to represent the practices required to master the field. This is the secret behind so many gods in India as most of them are karmic gods and goddesses for there are so many different jobs. As an Indian, I would have no guilt praying to the new deity because we are taught to appreciate diversity and respect other cultures in this plural world. Anyways, I also thought I would also share the following project to expose their illliteracy on the topic, but then I refrained from bothering them too much. I am sharing this for fun about a project from my cinema class of understanding change in the situation of Indian women historically (remember we are a very old civilization). If someone is really interested in Indian women, you should watch these movies: Understanding Change in Condition of Woman in Society Through Indian Cinema (A Kantian View)


But even after explaining all this and putting my best effort not to harm women’s dignity, again USAID did not fund me. Apart from explaining about women empowerment, I had submitted an 80 page research report from the field with support from 2 labs each in India and US. USAID response was, “The proposed intervention is neither novel and nor non-existent in the region. They are generic in nature and not built on need assessment.” At that point I had understood the level of scam they were involved in, as they had colluded to give my project to companies like SKYMET funded by Godrej led Omnivore which brought in US based weather stations to create the biggest artificial droughts in India while misusing my three years of research work (funded by IDRC). When I pointed out the scam, they even got a senator to appreciate the work (my work) of the empowered women and their saviors (incompetent father figure’s). Neither did any agency from UKAID, Danish AID, German, SwissRe and even Indian governments entertained our proposals. Another organization Villgro which tend to somehow invest in my work (not me) as they invested in another company based on my previous work in the microfinance, somehow gets hold of my work. Villgro seems to be on the top of food chain of some extremely corrupt and manipulative practices of the women empowerment movement. I was also selected in the Top 50 startups by UKTI but rejected two days before final presentation- just because I was young. Then my other work for disseminating climate information was also taken by Thomson Reuters. Previously I was also bullied by Wellcome Trust who did not trust an Indian guy to lead a women’s health field operation on a different WHO project. Having said this, I still wonder if the west still operates with the same old colonial mindset. Giving a same counter argument, I don’t understand when Britain sends Gurkhas (women worshippers) to do their most difficult jobs like the Falkland wars, I wonder if these gurkhas are made to write essays about women empowerment even when they shout ‘jai maa kali’ – the bravest enemies get scared. 

Even looking at the new global happiness index, which initially I thought started from Bhutan idea – as something to do with beta cycles of brains– to be converted into another western materialistic idea and imposing – we are cool. Apparently, countries with the highest rape rates, highest suicide rates, extreme cold, highest CO2 emitters and with no proper day-night cycles (which leads to depression) turn up to be the happiest. I just wonder if they are willing to do the following experiment, the citizens are shown the damage that climate change is doing to may be Africa and other tropical countries – and if they still stay in the same state of bliss, one would consider them happy. How can one have no guilt and why no help is provided. Being ignorant and staying intoxicated is not bliss. Even sustainability today is driven by western capitalistic ideas. I have myself studied under Prof Sachs and I have actually applied the economic models that I learned in his class in the Indian scenario, but am upset about the reality that if India’s ranking is reduced, the government tightens its noose around us. This is why there has to be a middle path approach because India is not a single political unit but a unified culture. A famous historical economist unlike the present cool political ones, Gautama the Buddha, had once said about them: Life is full of suffering, it is only through knowledge of the things that helps life become easier. Dalai Lama is happy even when knowing the crimes committed by China in Tibet and so am I knowing about the hypocrisy. This is why one of the aims of the Indian independence movement was to protect British from modernity and now it is our duty to protect China and US from modernity.


I was born in the Chambal river valley, notorious for its rebels, rebellion was in my blood. I also had understood one thing long time back, if one needs to do something against the western bullying in India, it has to be a knockout punch. Today my work is being used all over the world, but even after doing all this, somehow women leaders want to socialize me to follow policy initiatives of mercurial western agencies. During my micro-finance days, when I was very young and innocent, I did revolt against the bullying of the Women’s World Bank but instead met with a serious accident because of the psychological trauma that entailed. But my solution later became ODK Collect, formhub (thanks to professors at Columbia who took me under their wings) which is used all over the world in many forms and have been funded many millions of dollars. From this experience in the past, I also realized that USAID too had a nuisance value when the leaders left me in the middle of nowhere in the field. But I chose to finish my research work in the field at temperatures of 50 degree celsius and later went on to finish the first pilot of a Smart Village by putting in my own money and resources. The following is the link to my Green Village Project that may probably revolutionize the climate change work all over the world. In this we have solved one of the toughest engineering and mathematical solutions. It also shows the skill of high resolution predictions which were accurate: Intelligent Village Pilot. People do not understand that even engineers, like doctors, are under oath to do their job right. This initiative is built on the initiative of Bhutan For Life where the villages could become net CO2 sink. The following YouTube channel beautifully summarizes our efforts in the field as different narratives: Kelly TV

As Osho had said, intellectuals are the most dangerous people in the world and I tend not to bother about them. There is also a saying that RATIONAL PEOPLE WILL NEVER ACHIEVE ZEN. So after been fired four times for building solutions worth millions, my goal now was to search for an intelligent solution in the field that works. I have by now understood that these people suffer from a disease called “MODERNITY”. So to find a sustainable solution, I went to the Himalayas and meditated in Tapovan (at 14000ft) about the problem at hand of climate change and the state of humanity. GOD listened and bestowed me with an amazing team out of nowhere in India who had all the data from a village collected, including the genetic parameters from the maize research institute and farm related data to complete the idea. Using this data, I was able to make the first accurate, high resolution seasonal (both time series and total) forecast at a district scale when everyone including the IMD and USAID funded Skymet massively failed. Skymet forecasts were proved disastrously wrong, which actually led to the biggest artificial droughts in modern history and water wars in Bangalore. Like true sycophantic traditions, they made above-normal forecasts in the name of development when the entire world agencies suggested normal or below normal condition.  This year too USAID funded Skymet again made disastrous below-normal forecasts. As a response to their sadist practices, this year also I made the high resolution forecasts which shows how they are wrong, but the media refused to publish because of the censorship in India: High Resolution Monsoon Forecast 2017. I wonder if the syndicate of USAID, Skymet, Omnivore, Thompson Reuters will ever pay reparations for creating the biggest artificial droughts in India while following extremely unethical and protectionist practices. I am pretty sure they will become cow vigilanties next. 

I had even predicted the impending crisis of Demonitization when I blasted the CEO of Practo (funded 150 million dollars as an arm twisting technique by a syndicate of investors like Tencent, Sofina, Sequoia India, Google Capital, Altimeter Capital, Matrix Partners, Sequoia Capital Global Equities, and Yuri Milner)  for stealing our work in front of a crowd and messing up Indian economy in the Tech in Asia conference and bang it happened in a few months. Western bullying presented us as all crooks while demoting ease of doing business to 130 when they are themselves involved in un-ethical practices. Before that I was shouting about the micro-finance crisis building up while working at another company rated 3rd Best Company To Work For. During this time western investors used to say Indian’s are not smart enough and made us work 6 days a week – long working hours – just like wall street only to be paid pennies and later work getting stolen by big corporates. 

But I sometimes get scared how my predictions come true.I sometimes worry if it is my work that leads to so much trouble – or is this my nature.


Looking at these practices, I realized that we are probably living in the worst part of human history with people having no understanding of religion and morality. Today yogis have become millionaires and opening up FMCG’s. So I extended my Smart Village work to build symbiotic relationships between the urban and the rural sector Symbiotic Relationship Pilot, which probably became the framework of the RURBAN mission of the government of India by doing a pilot in an urban infrastructure. In this I tried to explore how Le-Meridian hotel in Cochin could build a low carbon economy by investing in a mix of technologies like solar, wind, efficient equipments along with investing in sustainable and Ayurvedic agriculture.  

After this, I further extended the idea of symbiotic relationships to the metaphysical institutionalization of the Yogachara philosophy where, unlike western institutionalization, which is sometimes violent, tries to build on the intrinsic nature of human beings to do good. With nation states fighting with each other and economists experimenting with their shock therapies in the present state of institutionalization, I figured out that they fail to take into their equations the idea that even the observer (that is the mind) can bend and everything is relative in this non-dualistic framework. Yogachara institutionalization built by two brothers from Kashmir delves into various levels of consciousness to build up holistic solution. In this non-linear setup – one needs to engage the primitive as well as the modern brain – by following the techniques developed by various Zen masters. So under this institutionalization, I had worked on the idea of how technical universities could build up the narrative of sustainable developent in these remote villages. The following article describes the Government of India initiative in the field. Top Universities To Adapt Villages

My argument in support is, individuals don’t have to spend efforts to be part of massive industrialization while forgetting about their individuality. Also, this provides access to remote communities the knowledge of the top institutions of the world. This also gives rise to new problem statements, like efficient transportation and supply of goods from the universities to the rural setup (something like zeppelins, efficient fuels etc.) which could be outside the Stalinists planning from some central political bodies. Green Villages could be a place to innovate outside the institutionalizations of the urban society and above all, it could be a place for romance while with the nature and away from all kinds of moral policing and stupid conditioning (a respite from empowered women who want to see the world burn because probably I think they miss love). 

Now being realistic about implementation, think about this hypothetical conditioning where a guy/girl coming out of a technical university, who are among the smartest of a society, is also bestowed a metaphysical position in the tribal village that the university had adopted. Imagine the kind of positive psychological impact it would have on this person who does not have any support like social security. They would learn the tribal’s ability to be one with the nature and understand their empathy and culture. This would be similar to a young army cadet being commissioned into a regiment, which builds on fighting skills of different tribes and the best get into the Gurkhas. These people have to fight the battles of mind all their life, so why not give them a space to explore their hidden potentials while understanding traditions that have been time tested. While continuing with his/her career, the following individuals would also be able to give back to this community while learning and preserving new ideas and languages of communities that had developed its own worldwide over thousands of years. I hope this could be a framework of a new Climate Corps, where the brave and the selfless would be trained in physical, mind and brain discipline to help build a better society. They would not follow the regimental fashions of the army, but will be truly non-linear and meta-physical institutionalization to build up new realities. Next I will explain how this works. 


I have realized from reading the history of universities like Nalanda and Vikramshila, that in the past, the intelligence of a society was protected and nurtured by the agriculture. I wonder why not today all the universities in the world interact with these intelligent villages which tend to preserve their cultures and at the same time build new understandings of sustainability. What stops Columbia University and many others to adapt smart villages in India and everywhere else where some of the students could go and live with the nature while continuing their work for the humanity. Why can’t Indian universities, which are continuously bullied by the state, be funded by the increase in the village GDP and stop depending on the whims and fancies of government agencies. I don’t think academicians have to own allegiance to a nation state and supply chains have developed to the level that the Intelligent Village could follow market economics.

When Harry S Truman dropped the atomic bomb, he also dropped the bomb of development. America took charge of development of Japan, which became the new model of urbanization as a measure of appeasement. The same Japanese model was replicated by China, but for some reason India was slow. Today Japan has the highest suicide rates. No one still understands the psychological impact of this excessive urbanization, especially in a country as diverse as India. These economic models has probably created the biggest silent genocide of our times, which not only killed people, but destroyed cultures and languages.


I will also quote the following recently conducted event to support my argument of the design of Intelligent Village. My green village project was actually developed by closely following the kinship system of tribals of Kutch village in Gujarat. In order to celebrate the tribal traditions of India the following event was organized after a period of 1700 years in a place called Nagarjuna Gonda.NAGARJUNA GONDA FESTIVAL.

This place, Nagarjuna Gonda is a unique university which integrated the Greco-Bactrain logic with the Indian metaphysics. This place has a Greek amphitheatre and beautiful limestone blocks showcasing the Jataka tales of the Buddhist Viharas. Acharya Nagarjuna, the founder of Mahayana traditions is also credited by many scientists to have first given the theory of relativity and quantum physics way back in the 3rd century AD. This is the place where Hatha Yoga traditions was born which was taken to its pinnacle by another monk named Baudhidharma, who practiced in the nearby forests of Sri Sailum and took the science to the Shaolin Temple. My idea of intelligent villages builds on this philosophy that: 

“The west and the east have to join hands to find an intelligent solution.” 

The solution should not be reductionist in nature and to support my theory, I have developed my own leadership school (or monastery) in the middle of the forest near Bangalore (Third Element) to teach the intricacies of Hatha yoga in its true form. They also teach students the science of mountaineering, scuba-diving and sports-flying which helps build different parts of consciousness. 

A true enlightenment could only be reached if one achieves the 24 siddhies (Sailum Martial Arts Academy) of Hatha Yoga to achieve eternal peace and probably an intelligent village gives an opportunity to the seeker. SAILUM practice encourages the practitioner to find his/her true self through Trikaya practices i.e. Nirmana kaya, Sambhoga kaya and Dharma kaya.Through the intense practice of body, brain and mind the practitioner is allowed to experience the very inner, latent energy or shakti, thereby raising him/her to superhuman levels of experiences. The question also is, Can these smart villages give some people space to the individuals to find themselves. 


Also based on my understanding of the Baudhidharma philosophy of ‘Two Entries and Four Acts’, the following social networking module was built to transmit the knowledge of sustainability to different seekers in the world. This could be used to build and share different narratives: OLIVEBOOKS

Also to inculcate the spirit of guru-shishya traditions to promote liberal arts in these Green Villages, the following setup was also created by fellow team members. This idea builds on the design of how art and culture are celebrated in the village of Auroville, which could be one of the frameworks of Smart village to build up new international relationships: IDEFI 


In the end, I would add one thing though. Historically, India was the fertile land from where almost all philosophies of the world evolved which is also known by the concept of Hiranyagarbha. Be it eternalism, non-eternalism, existentialism, the non – existentialism, dualism, non-dualism, nothingness etc. My favorite professor Dr Shiv Visvanathan (grandson of Nobel laureate CV Raman, Nobel laureate Chandrashekar was his uncle) provides beautiful arguments in support in his lecture by integrating theosophy, maths and liberal arts to the narrative: Ethics Of Memory And InnovationAs a synthesis, I think the answers to the truth behind sustainable living also live somewhere in India that people need to find and document. 

In my attempt to explain the socio-political discourse of India today and shed a light on esoteric Tantric practices in the ever violent world, I also almost finished my sci-fi novel ‘THE MYSTIC’ which is published on The first part is called THE MYSTIC PART I – THE SEEKER and the second part called THE MYSTIC PART II – THE DESTROYER – a story of becoming Shankar in the modern violent world. Tantra, which intentionally keeps itself hidden by the cloak of criticism has many things to offer to the world. To prove my point, the then British Chief Justice of India, Sir John Woodroof practiced Tantra under his Guru and unlike Max Mueller, who wrote Vedas from foreign soil, he practiced it living with his mentor in a remote village of Bengal. Even Kenith Anderson and Jim Corbett perfected their hunting skills from learning from the tribals. Even Steve Jobs had spent some time in India. Anyways, I know my work would be called anti-national as even Penguin refused to publish my novel because I had shown the government apathy to the poor. 

I got triggered to this line of thought after a course on “Truth, Fiction and Cyberspace Realities” during my undergraduate. I came to understand that the idea of truth itself was different in eastern and western cultures. Also, I understand that not many people really understand the ultimate truth about Climate Change but everyone is just a mere storyteller. But our team also developed the following VIRTUAL REALITY SYSTEM – use VR headsets to watch (Smart Infrastructure) which could be used to build new alternatives in the virtual world for the new realities of sustainable living. Universities all over the world can build myths using something like this. 

To conclude my argument, Indian storytelling, unlike Greek Tragedy, has always had a happy ending. I know that all my exercise is still incomplete, but I also know that life in itself is an endless journey. We call our initiative, Mr SVR Rao Garu Memorial Intelligent Village, to commemorate the effort of a great individual who brought everyone together. Also, for those who could not follow my convoluted solution, the following video encompasses my entire argument in the great Nalanda Tantric Traditions while understanding the impermanence of this idea. Construction and Destruction of Mandala

Finally, I would also like to give the following message from Baudhidharma to all the investors to explain to them the importance of acting responsibly in the field of sustainability. They should learn to follow their Dharma and respect karmic traditions. 

“Be patient to all that is unsolved in your heart – And try to love the questions themselves,

Do not now seek the answer,Which cannot yet be given to you. 

Because you would not yet be able to live them.

And the point is, to live everything. Live the question now.

Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, Live along some distant day into the answer.”



Arindam Bhattacharjee, CEO PARIPOS