SIPA Enhances My Perspective Of The World

I have always wanted to be a part of the public service realm. When I was in college I started a non-profit organization that worked on increasing healthcare access for the underserved immigrant communities. Through that work I have really been able to empathize with the populations that I serve. I also became involved in public service, working with the state assembly. 

When I first applied to SIPA, I was really intrigued by the international and domestic affairs focus of the school. It has top-notch faculty members that are practitioners in their area. It brings a diverse perspective from the student body that comes from various countries and here I realized that when we think about public service and serving the diverse New York City communities, we really have to understand what’s happening around us in the world as well as locally. So everything that I have learnt at SIPA has really been able to enhance that worldly perspective for me.